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Welcome to the Blaque Butterfly Press Hub – your exclusive gateway to a trove of captivating publications that delve into the heart and soul of our esteemed establishment, Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of stories, insights, and features that celebrate the unique essence of Blaque Butterfly and the vibrant community it fosters.

Meet Keis KP” Patterson | Director of Operations

Hi Keis “KP”, can you tell us about an impactful book you’ve read and why you liked it or what impact it had on you?
Other than the Bible, the standout books that have been an integral part in my life and help move the needle and reshape my life are. 1. The Science of Getting Rich 2. The Richest Man in Babylon 3. As a Man Thinketh.......

Keis KP Patterson
reese hall

Reclaiming Comfort at Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall

In 1820, Dr. David Addison Reese embarked upon a remarkable endeavor. He had a home in Savannah named Reese Hall, which he had it meticulously transported by oxen, board by board, to its current location in Monticello. Dr. Reese, revered for his work in politics, is one of the most well-known owners of Reese Hall. That is until the hospitality brand, Blaque Butterfly, spearheaded by entrepreneur Keis Patterson, acquired the property in the summer of 2022.......

It's Tourist Tuesday! Check out this week's feature and the upcoming events!

The Blaque Butterfly at Reese Hall is currently operated as an event venue, while also offering a peaceful getaway right in the heart of downtown. It is listed on the National Historical Registry as a point of interest and it should definitely be on your list too! The riveting history includes the 1820's transport from the original build location in Savannah to Monticello. It is an exquisite example of preservation and adaptation, providing historical value and modern utilization.

reese hall renovation

Date Night Vol 1

Read all about it ladies… the beauty of our travel destination being the perfect romance destination for lovers. Refresh your self-love journey or relationship with Vintage Luxury and soft life with our wonderful bed-n-breakfast here in Monticello, Georgia.

It was built in Savannah, Georgia in 1801 but moved by oxen to Monticello in 1820.

Keis Patterson, the curator, says they are still trying to find out why the house was moved but they have a pretty good guess based on the facts.

"We can just assume that David Addison Reese. He met and fell in love and married Mary Gaines-Merriweather in 1819 in Oglethorpe, Georgia which is right outside of Macon and the house got here in 1820 so we would like to assume this house was a wedding gift," said Patterson.......

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