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Guest Rooms

The Addison Suite

Step into the Addison Suite, a sanctuary that seamlessly blends history with modern comfort. Named after the esteemed Dr. Addison Reese, a luminary figure in both medicine and politics, this suite offers a regal retreat for two. As you enter, you're greeted by the majestic presence of a king-sized bed, inviting you to indulge in its luxurious embrace. The ambiance is enriched with artifacts and artworks paying homage to Dr. Reese's legacy, particularly his significant contributions in treating Cherokee Indians. With a limited view outside, the suite maintains an aura of privacy and tranquility. Modern conveniences abound, from the convenience of wireless internet to the comfort of air conditioning. Unwind in the intimate space, complete with a television for entertainment and a mini fridge to store refreshments. The shared bathroom, adorned with elegant linen and towels, connects seamlessly with the Meriwether Suite, fostering a sense of community while maintaining privacy. Nestled within Reese Hall, the Addison Suite promises a stay that intertwines the richness of history with the comforts of contemporary living, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who enter its doors.

The Meriwether Suite

The Meriwether Suite, aptly named in honor of Mary Gaines Meriwether, embodies the timeless charm and grace reminiscent of Monticello's rich history. Born in 1802 in Monticello, Mary is believed to trace her lineage back to Meriwether Lewis of the famed "Lewis and Clark Expedition." This suite exudes a blend of old-world elegance and modern comfort, offering two luxurious Queen beds adorned with fine linens. Nestled conveniently next to the Addison Suite, it provides an ideal retreat for bridal parties or those seeking spacious yet private accommodations. Boasting a limited view, this non-smoking sanctuary spans 300 square feet of tranquility. Amenities abound, including a television, wireless internet, and air conditioning ensuring a comfortable stay. Guests can indulge in the convenience of a shared bathroom with the Addison Suite, featuring a separate stand-up tile shower. A common area in the hallway offers a cozy setting complete with a mini fridge, coffee maker, and microwave, perfect for gatherings or moments of relaxation. Whether savoring the historical ambiance or reveling in the modern comforts, the Meriwether Suite promises a delightful escape for guests seeking a memorable stay.

The Rose Room

Welcome to the Rose Room, a cozy haven for two nestled within the enchanting walls of Blaque Butterfly. As you enter, the air is infused with the delicate fragrance of roses, evoking feelings of beauty and love. This charming retreat boasts a queen-size bed adorned with crisp linens, promising a restful night's sleep. Original hardwood floors whisper tales of timeless elegance, while large windows bathe the room in natural light, inviting you to lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book. Gaze out upon the serene Rose Garden, basking in its tranquil beauty through the limited view offered by the windows. The Rose Room comes complete with modern amenities including wireless internet, heating, and air conditioning to ensure your utmost comfort. Step into the private detached bathroom, a sanctuary of luxury featuring a bear claw tub and a separate tiled shower, offering a rejuvenating escape just steps away from your door. Immerse yourself in the essence of romance and serenity in the Rose Room, where every detail is designed to enchant and delight.

The Oxen Suite

Nestled within the historic charm of Monticello, Georgia, The Oxen Suite beckons with its timeless allure and modern comforts. Steeped in the legends of Reese Hall, this sanctuary tells the tale of Dr. Reese's bold endeavor, where every board of this storied home was transported by oxen from the bustling streets of Savannah to the tranquil embrace of Monticello. Within its walls, echoes of the past harmonize with contemporary elegance, inviting guests to embark on a journey through time. The suite boasts a regal ambiance, adorned with one king bed, promising a restful night's sleep for two. The spacious bathroom offers both a shower and a bath, providing the ultimate indulgence. While the view may be limited, the atmosphere is boundless, suffused with warmth and tranquility. Modern amenities abound, from wireless internet to air conditioning, ensuring a seamless stay. Guests will find themselves ensconced in luxury, with linen and towels provided, along with a mini-fridge, microwave, iron, and hairdryer for added convenience. As a nod to its namesake, The Oxen Suite exudes rugged charm, with ceiling fans gently stirring the air and subtle accents hinting at the resilience of those mighty beasts of burden. Whether seeking respite or adventure, The Oxen Suite promises an unforgettable experience, where the spirit of the past intertwines with the comforts of the present, creating a haven for the discerning traveler.

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