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About Monticello

monticello town hall

Monticello sits in a beautiful unspoiled area of the piedmont. It is a cross road to two GA designated "scenic byways" surrounded by national and state forest as well as beautiful bucolic pastures and rolling hills that make the area "picture perfect". And just 50 miles E SE of Midtown Atlanta.  There are mountain bike and horse trails. You can fish, float or boat the many lovely rivers and lakes. The area is steeped in history with lots to take in.

Monticello is thirty minutes from Madison, Covington and Eatonton and a bit further to Macon and Conyers and the Ritz Carlton on Lake Oconee.  It's just 60 minutes to  Athens with its perfect hipness.   In the other direction is metro Atlanta with 6 million people and all of its incredible big city shopping, food, resources and ethnic diversity. Here in the country there are creameries like RockHouse in Newborn that make an awesome array of artisan cheeses from goat, sheep and cow. With its surprise out of the way attractions like the Stephan Thomas museum just fifteen minutes away, the Writer's Museum in Eatonton or the fabulous Farmview Market in Madison, the area is as sophisticated as it is beautiful. Craft beer is second to none with Athens' Creature Comfort or Atlanta's Monday Night, to name only a few. 

And Jasper county is the deer capital of GA!

The City of Monticello itself has under 3000 people and is racially diverse and virtually crime free. Folks are welcoming and kind. The town has seen a recent surge in investment and energy. It has a small hospital with a cardio unit and a large grocery store where you can buy dry morel mushrooms any day. There is a nice country club with an eighteen hole golf course and a very active DDA.   Monticello is the county seat so the schools are large and seem to be well funded.  There is even a private school called the Piedmont Academy with an 11 to 1 student to teacher ratio. The square is "picture perfect" and was recently used for two weeks filming an upcoming Netflix movie, its the third major production shot in town. There are currently two franchise restaurants being built in town to add to the numerous local ones they already have.  The local coffee house has not only great coffee roasted up the road, but terrific baked goods made on site. In season the town square hosts a farmer's market every Saturday.  Besides produce, there are soap makers, pie bakers, craftsmen and artists selling their products.  Taxes are low and emergency services and police are fast and efficient.  There is also a senior care center in town.  So much to offer for such a small place!

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